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If you are looking for an officiant for a lifecycle event in your backyard, please visit Jewish Doorways.

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A Nation of Caring

Jews are voracious judges of other Jews. We critique each other’s foods and fashion. Sometimes we discriminate and denigrate each other. But if any other person, group, or nation endangers a Jew, we are united in purpose. When Russia invaded…

Getting the most out of muffins

I was about to write a thoughtful essay about finding spiritual strength in troubling times. And then I went to the kitchen to grab a snack. I split an English muffin and place it in the toaster. Just then I had an insight. My search for transcendence…

The Jewish American Express Card

Back in the 'Nineties, the slogan of American Express was "membership has its privileges." Just pay your dues to join a community of card-carrying consumers. To emphasize your participation in a relationship with Amex,  your card (in green…