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And the Heat Goes On

This blog is devoted to the memory of Diane Harris Cline, z”l, an inspiring GWU professor and archeologist of the ancient Near Eastern world. This summer is a blast furnace […]

Too Hot

The air conditioning was not working. The temperature in the plane was at least 90 degrees. Hot air was coming through the vents, so I sat very still. Others were […]

Legacy of the Rosenbergs

Remember the Rosenbergs? While working on an estate matter, I noticed a bequest to the Rosenberg Fund. The contact person’s name was Meeropol.  Robert Meeropol created the Rosenberg Fund for […]

Holding a Grudge

“Holding a grudge is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.”  That quote has been attributed to Buddha, St. Augustine, and Nelson Mandela. The axiom begs the […]


The civil rights movement suffered a leadership crisis during the Freedom Rides in 1961. Student-organized groups tested the segregation laws affecting interstate travel by riding buses and visiting white-only sections […]


Dear fellow clergy, distinguished guests, my neighbors, Today, I want to reflect on how we, as a community, Christian and Jewish and Muslim, Black and White, all cherish the place […]

Other Promised Lands

John Doar was not the Justice Department’s first choice for his position. Yet, his appointment as the number 2 man in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice […]

Retirement (R)age

Recent protests in France rattled that nation. Prime Minister Macron proposed raising the retirement age from 62 to 64. Oh mon Dieu! Despite this attempt to address a looming economic […]

Pitching the Jewish Tent

I’m still traumatized by the first, and only time, I went camping. We had to shlep heavy tenting materials, bars, posts, and connective joints, up a sandy hillside. With a […]

Anti Loneliness

Surgeon General Vivek Murtha recently issued an advisory on the public health crisis of loneliness. Even before the Covid pandemic, Americans reported enduring periods of profound loneliness. Murtha’s report calls […]