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Anti-Zionist Jews

Since the Hebrews wandered Sinai, we were warned not to undervalue our strength. Twelve spies entered Canaan on a reconnaissance mission as a prelude to invading Canaan. Ten returned saying […]

Light Them Up

Watching populist “right-wing” political leaders gain strength across the world, I fear a new age of demagogues has returned. Their skill is directing attention to the shadows and away from […]

The Language of Justice

After January 6, I grieved, outraged, and horrified. Our President encouraged insurrection as if he were calling for justice. There were no statements of remorse. After October 7, I struggled […]


A friend asked for my opinion; “who was the most influential figure of the last century?” Our ensuing conversation squared off around the dichotomy of leaders in times of destruction […]

Recognizing Faces

Here’s some shocking news, Brad Pitt is not perfect. He has a condition known as facial blindness, the inability to recognize faces. I am familiar with the condition. I have […]

Demon of Unrest

Erik Larson’s new book The Demon of Unrest is a great read, just as was Devil in the White City and many others he authored. Exploring the months before Abraham […]


Jacinda Ardern was only 37 when she became Prime Minister of New Zealand. A working mother, she smashed the glass ceiling. After five tumultuous years, she stepped aside with a […]

Jews vs. Jews

.Yesterday, I encountered a bearded young man riding a motorized scooter, donning a black yarmulke, with his tzitzit fluttering behind him. His attire juxtaposed traditional garb with modern flair, as […]

Campus Disobedience

Protesters on university campuses this spring embraced a culture of disobedience, prioritizing confrontation over constructive engagement. These protests prompt reflection: what motivates us to adhere to rules, and when is […]

Hostage Parents

“But I must also feel it as a man. I cannot but remember such things were That were most precious to me. Did heaven look on And would not take their part? Sinful Macduff, They were all struck for thee! Naught that I am, Not for their […]