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Be an Angel

You don’t have to be an angel to have meaningful relationships. But you might learn something from the angels. The lesson? It’s all about how we focus on loving each […]

Prisoner of Age

I have been in emotional and spiritual confinement. I am a senior-aged man and I have an older mother living nearby. Each day begins with worrying, continues with caring, and […]

Good Fats, Bad Fats

The data about consuming fats is confusing. There are good fats and bad fats. The distinction is important if we are trying to eat healthy.  In doing so, I try […]

Green Torah

This century is a heyday for the cardboard industry. Nearly every delivery on your doorstep comes in a cardboard box. Wood pulp and cellulose combine to form cardboard. Accordingly, the […]

Privilege and Power

Abusers of power undermine our society. Whether politicians or rabbis, those entrusted with power often betray their privileges. Thereafter comes the “conversation” about abuse, power and privilege. The problem is […]

Don’t Touch, Don’t Look

Boundaries can keep us protected. With concern for health and safety we learn that there are things we don’t touch, and even times when we don’t look. Of course the […]

I’m (Not) Complaining But . . .

All people complain. Jews elevated complaining to a holy art. Just read the Torah. The text is peppered with complaints. Perhaps Torah anticipated the “gig” economy, where the world revolves […]

Moses and Martin

Given the many parallels in their lives, Martin Luther King, Jr. is often compared to Moses. For each man, their most important work was during times of great oppression of […]

When You Talk to God

When you talk to God, you’re praying…When God speaks to you, you’re a schizophrenic. An early prayer in the Torah is in the fifth chapter of Exodus. God sent Moses […]

What’s Your Name?

No one knows the names of the people who lived in the mountains surrounding the Mexican city of Oaxaca. We don’t know the names of their rulers, nor do we […]