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Are We Pusillanimous?

While watching Real Time with Bill Maher, I learned the word pusillanimous. Do you know it? It means showing a lack of courage. In Torah, the Hebrew people committed a […]

Separation Anxiety

I offered my farewell address last week. Two years ago I was elected President of the Washington Board of Rabbis. Back then the Covid pandemic already seemed interminable. What a […]

The Public Theater

Joe Papp, the great theater impresario, produced plays about outsiders. His devotion to the outcast or interloper helped create a new era on Broadway. To champion the underdog, it helps […]

Don’t Shut Down

I am trying not to shut down emotionally. The sense of overwhelming pushes on me like a bully’s knee on my back. The crush of despair begins with numbers, compresses […]

Israel or New Zealand?

If a fascist were to be elected President, would you move to another country? If so, what country would that be? For Jews, the safe choice is assumed to be […]

Listen to Me!

Many Israelis and Palestinians are no longer looking for grand solutions to existential problems. Yet, the lack of a “peace process” does not mean that efforts toward peace have been […]

A Tale of Just Two Women

Lod is an ancient city with modern problems. Lod was first known to Americans as the location of the main airport. An important perspective of modern Israel is found in […]

You look like a movie

I felt special, privileged, and honored, to meet someone whose life story was noted by Hollywood. I met a man named Takele Mekonen whose life story is worthy of a […]


Today’s goal was to unravel the knotty mess that is Israel. That goal is utterly unrealistic. In Jamaica, they say “Ya Mon”. In Costa Rica, they say “Pura Vida.”  In […]

I’m here, I’m home

Where else can I be six thousand miles from my house and yet be home? Stepping out of Ben Gurion Airport in Israel feels like coming home. The feeling lasts […]